Nexis Diligence

Safeguard your organization’s reputation and manage risk with one-stop access to critical business information

Nexis Diligence™ can help you mitigate business risk by making it easier to vet and monitor clients, agents, partners, suppliers, investments, and other third parties in a quick and comprehensive manner.
Global content and simple fill-in-the-blank search fields let you significantly reduce the time and expense of conducting comprehensive background checks. You can research entities, explore associated entity interests, check for red flags, and develop an entity profile with ease.

Top features

1. Perform due diligence research on a company or person

With hundreds of sources at your fingertips, you can perform your due diligence research on a company or individual and be assured the search covers all the bases. Through the improved search form, we make every effort to help you enter exactly the right search query, and even provide default preferences to help ensure you find the most relevant results.

2. Review the latest news about a company or person, and focus exclusively on negative news

When searching its thousands of news sources, Nexis Diligence™ categorizes the results as both standard news and negative news. To help make this distinction between the two types of news, Nexis Diligence™ lets you decide what actually constitutes negative news: in User Preferences, you can view our curated list of negative terms and choose which ones you want to include by default in your news searches, and you can also add your own terms.

3. Use a full set of tools to review your search

By default, when you perform your search, your results are displayed as a Snapshot of the different categories of information. Using these categorized links, you can drill down into specific results, focusing on just the information you’re most interested in.

4. Check sanctions, regulatory lists, law enforcement watchlists, and politically exposed persons (PEPs) lists

Search results are categorized so you can quickly view if a person or company you are researching has been sanctioned or added to a watchlist.

You can also identify whether a person or company is listed as a PEP.

5. Review a person or company’s litigation history through legal case data

Understanding an entity’s legal history is an important step in your due diligence process.

Using Nexis Diligence™, you can view all legal documents for an entity, including cases, dockets (federal and state), verdicts, and so forth. User preferences lets you focus your searches on a specific date range.

6. Verify key company information

Nexis Diligence™ can help you verify a company’s registered address, directors’ names, business description, location, and biographical data. This information, which is found under Company Sources, can help you verify the entity you are researching.

7. Assess financial health for U.S.-based companies

With access to Experian® business data and risk scores, you can review a U.S. company’s financial health.

8. Use Report Builder to create comprehensive reports about your entities

Report Builder makes sharing your research results even easier. Once you’ve collected all the documents you need into one central report, you can add notes to help explain or summarize the finer details of your research.

You can also organize the report’s contents so the most important data appears first. A research summary at the end of the report provides an audit trail of how you conducted your research.

9. Have access to your research history

Nexis Diligence’ keeps a history of searches you perform, along with information about how the search was performed and the number of results that were found, based on the result category you viewed.

You can rerun a search from History anytime during the 30 days after your initial search.